Piddx, Inc
Longtime friends Ian Ricci and Spiro Marangoudakis devised the ethos behind Piddx while in their early teenage years. They both enjoyed the idea of working on simultaneous projects, and in helping their friends with their projects. They eventually gave this ethos a name; they called it "Piddx"-ing, from the Greek word "πήδηξη" (Pee-Dee-Xee, "to jump"), for the metaphorical "jump" between projects. To help propel the current economic recovery, Ian and Spiro decided to create and launch the current Piddx system. The weak economy seemed to call for more powerful productivity tools than those that were available at the time. The new Piddx (beta) system went live in late 2013. Now you, and I, can control when, where, how, and with whom we work. Post your skills on the system, and the Piddx platform will match your skills with people looking for those skills in your area. With this platform, Piddx aims to transform the way people exchange services; ultimately benefiting individuals, and the community as a whole. Piddx, Inc. is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts and operates globally.
Polymath – Gr. polymathēs. Webster’s defines this as a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. This is an apt description of Mr. Ian Ricci. As a child Ian was dazzled by many fields, including: art, astronomy, history, palaeontology, philosophy, science, and technology. Ian’s first words as a child were “Tari Peuter”, in reference to an Atari computer system that his family owned. Ian always loved to draw and would construct elaborate creations; he was influenced by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh. In high school he enrolled in college art courses, with the ultimate aim of working for Disney as an artist; he also had a strong passion for technology and would later make that his focus. Around this time Ian also began his professional experiences: building computer systems and computer networks, computer programming, and web development. By the age of 17, Ian started a business founded on these interests; its core focus being the creation and implementation of web and networking technologies. Ian's educational background includes multiple academic institutions, such as The School of Computer Science at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Always an ardent fan of science fiction, Ian dreamt of building computer systems that make everyday life more efficient. In 2003, Ian co-founded successful Internet technologies company REMAGINE (like "re-imagine"), that he still manages to this day. Many of REMAGINE's hardware and software advances are being used in the new Piddx platform. Mr. Ricci has over 16 years of professional experience working for numerous start-ups and Internet businesses around the Northeast. Ian lives in Springfield Massachusetts and is currently focused on building the Piddx platform.
Spiro took an interest in science at an early age. As a boy he dreamt of prehistoric animals, and drew intense inspiration from the physical world. Due to their ubiquitous use of the Greek alphabet, which Spiro loved, science and mathematics were always of interest to him. Spiro ultimately excelled in these fields, and was placed in accelerated mathematics and science programs. Spiro is a May 2011 graduate of Brown University's Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry program, with a Ph.D. thesis entitled "Molecular Mechanisms of CaV2.2 Calcium Channel Regulation”. To hear Spiro discuss user interactions on the Piddx platform, you would think that he was discussing the molecular mechanisms underlying biological systems. An analysis of Dr. Marangoudakis' literary influences reveal Charles Darwin’s: The Origin of Species, as well as works by Warren E. Buffett, the man behind the legendary success of Berkshire Hathaway. In his teens and early twenties, Spiro read Warren Buffett's works with the desire to learn “everything there is to know” about the stock market. These efforts ultimately allowed him to discern patterns in economic data that resulted in his retirement from financial investing at age 29. His current goals are to follow more "exciting and productive" pursuits, such as building the current Piddx platform. Spiro explains: "I can think of no better way to contribute to society than by creating a system by which people choose their own level of economic activity and productivity. As employment migrates to a more decentralized, contractor/freelancer model, 'Piddx' will become increasingly necessary. In a very short time I can see Piddx becoming the go-to venue for employment; Piddx is truly 'The Future of Work'." Spiro splits his time between Providence, RI, and his home in Western Massachusetts.

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