Piddx, Inc
Longtime friends Ian Ricci and Spiro Marangoudakis devised the ethos behind Piddx while in their early teenage years. They both enjoyed the idea of working on simultaneous projects, and in helping their friends with their projects. They eventually gave this ethos a name; they called it "Piddx"-ing, from the Greek word "πήδηξη" (Pee-Dee-Xee, "to jump"), for the metaphorical "jump" between projects. To help propel the current economic recovery, Ian and Spiro decided to create and launch the current Piddx system. The weak economy seemed to call for more powerful productivity tools than those that were available at the time. The new Piddx (beta) system went live in late 2013. Now you, and I, can control when, where, how, and with whom we work. Post your skills on the system, and the Piddx platform will match your skills with people looking for those skills in your area. With this platform, Piddx aims to transform the way people exchange services; ultimately benefiting individuals, and the community as a whole. Piddx, Inc. is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts and operates globally.

Ian is an experienced software engineer, SysAdmin/DevOps engineer, and business management professional with 19+ years of professional experience. He has had a strong passion for technology his whole life and brings his unique perspective to the industry. Ian created his first Internet technology company at age 17 and has worked with numerous Internet companies and startups ever since. Ian has also held the role of senior developer and CTO for various companies within the Northeast.

Ian holds a B.S in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, A.S in Science and Engineering, and A.A.S in Telecommunications Technology from Springfield Technical Community College.

Ian is a founding advisory board member to Name Net Worth. He is an alum from both the Valley Venture Mentors business accelerator and mentorship program, along with the CleanTech NE TDP program.

Spiro is an experienced scientist with diverse expertise in various scientific disciplines, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology. He is the author of several peer-reviewed publications, and his research expertise spans the fields of human stem cell biology, cancer markers, and the molecular mechanisms of chronic pain. Additionally, Spiro is an experienced investor with over a decade of investment expertise, and additional experience in grant writing and in authoring financial reports.

Spiro holds a B.S. in Biology from Northeastern University, and a Ph.D. from Brown University. Spiro is currently working toward an M.B.A. at theD’Amore-McKim School of Business.

Spiro is a founding board member of Suit Up Springfield, an advisory board member of Name Net Worth, and an alum and mentor at Valley Venture Mentors

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