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What is Piddx?

Piddx is an online marketplace for skills and services. We allow you to sell - or trade - skills and services directly with other peer-reviewed people, and businesses within your community. All it takes is a network; sign up to start building your network!

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We all have valuable skills, and we all have things we'd rather have someone else do. Piddx aims to match people looking for skills and services - with those who have them. Post on our network and you'll find your perfect match. Best of all, it's free!

What the community is saying!

"A new way to think about employment- it's so innovative! A whole new era of entrepreneurialism!"
— Mlengeri, Entrepreneur

"I use Piddx every day! I'm a huge fan of meeting and working with new peer-reviewed people!"
— NinjaDerek, Sales Expert

"I love finding new people to share my cooking expertise with. Piddx makes it so easy!"
— NikiMarang, Restaurateur

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